Retirement Plan Design & Document Services



Annual Compliance, Administration & Tax Services


Loan & Distribution Transactions


Technical Reviews & Consulting


Plan Types Served

Retirement Plan Design & Document Services

  • Custom retirement plan design

  • Preparation of IRS pre-approved plan documents

  • Summary of plan description

  • Safe harbor notices; QDIA notices

Annual Compliance, Administration & Tax Services

  • Preparation of interim and annual plan administration reports

  • IRS compliance testing and limitations

  • Eligibility determinations and vesting calculations

  • Trust accounting, financial reporting, and deposit reconciliations

  • Calculation of employer contributions and deduction limits

  • Form 5550 tax filings and other applicable tax returns

  • Preparation of participant benefit statements

Loan & Distribution Transactions

  • Participant distribution processing

  • Loan administration

  • Hardship reviews and consulting

  • Assistance with QDROs, 72 RMDs, and death benefit payouts

  • Preparation of 1099-R and Form 945 as requested

Technical Reviews & Consulting

  • Best practices and operational reviews

  • Related employer issues (controlled group/affiliated service groups)

  • Consulting for IRS and DOL correction programs and application package

  • Retirement plan considerations during merger and acquisition transactions

Plan Types Served

  • 401(k) plans (traditional and Safe Harbor)

  • New comparability/cross-tested plans

  • Profit sharing plans

  • 457 deferred-compensation plans

  • Cash balance pension plans