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Amber Kallberg

Senior Plan Administrator

As a Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA), Amber Kallberg specializes in devising retirement plan strategies that cater to a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from growing startups to well-established corporations. Her role involves a deep engagement with various retirement plans, ensuring tailored solutions for her client's unique goals.


At CRI TPA Services, Amber's role goes beyond effectively managing employee benefit plans. It is about fostering enduring relationships based on trust and respect. Her in-depth knowledge of retirement plans and client-focused approach make her an asset to the firm.


What truly sets Amber apart at CRI TPA Services is her approach, which transcends her professional expertise. Known for her prompt responsiveness and sincere willingness to help, Amber distinguishes herself in the field. Clients value her not only for her technical know-how but also for her approachable nature and steadfast commitment to their retirement plan needs. This unique combination of professional insight and personal touch solidifies her position as a preferred consultant.


Amber holds a Bachelor of Science in General Management from Oakland University. Her personal life is enriched by her love for travel and her dedication to spending quality time with her family, balancing these pursuits with her professional responsibilities.

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