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Cathy Wells

Senior Plan Administrator

Cathy Wells is renowned for her expertise in managing employee benefit plans and third-party administration, specifically catering to clients in the oil and gas service industries, as well as those in legal, architectural, sales and marketing, and physician sectors. Her proficiency in managing a diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses to large corporations, ensures meticulous and transparent handling of retirement plan documents. Cathy's ability to provide accurate and timely information to employees is a testament to her meticulousness and expertise.

In her professional capacity, Cathy is lauded for her adeptness at navigating complex scenarios, offering clients clear and confident guidance in their retirement planning strategies. Her skills, refined through years of dedicated service, make her an invaluable asset to businesses aiming to enhance their employee benefit programs.

Beyond her professional life, Cathy is actively engaged in community initiatives and personal pursuits. Her eight-year tenure as an Elite Yelper reflects her enthusiasm for exploring and reviewing new places, aiding many in their discoveries. Cathy's role as a Vacation Bible School director in different cities highlights her commitment to community service and her impact on the development of young minds. Additionally, her love for reading continues to be a source of inspiration and joy.

Cathy's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of North Texas.

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