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Christine Williams

Distribution and Loan Coordinator

In her role as Distribution and Loan Coordinator at CRI TPA Services, Christine Williams excels in managing complex distribution processes, such as terminations, hardships, in-service withdrawals, and retirements, in addition to overseeing loans for retirement plan participants. Her ability to establish and maintain effective collaborations with plan sponsors and recordkeepers significantly enhances the efficiency and smoothness of these operations.

Christine's role extends beyond administrative tasks. She is deeply committed to exceptional customer service, distinguishing her in her professional circle. Recognizing the challenges often faced in understanding retirement account intricacies, Christine adopts a dual role as an educator and a guide. Her support is comprehensive, ensuring participants are assisted with paperwork and thoroughly understand their account details and the various withdrawal options available to them at retirement. This commitment to serving and assisting clients and participants makes her a trusted and valued advocate.

Outside of her professional commitments, Christine is passionately involved in music. This lifelong engagement has seen her perform in various settings, from family bands to leading her band that entertains local audiences. Her musical career is marked by significant achievements, including her induction into the Nebraska Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007 and the honor of performing for President Ronald Reagan. Christine's musical pursuits have led her across numerous states and countries.

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