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Jennifer Waugh

Office Manager

As the Office Manager at CRI TPA Services, Jen Waugh is essential in crafting a harmonious and efficient workplace. Her outstanding leadership and communication skills facilitate smooth interactions and solve challenges with team members, clients, and partners.

Jen's comprehensive expertise in administration, accounting, and human resources makes her an integral part of the firm. She excels in managing client invoicing and payment processing, significantly contributing to the firm's financial health. Her administrative skills are evident in her management of the office's operational systems, where she ensures accurate record-keeping and oversees document flow in physical and digital formats.

In accounting, Jen demonstrates her proficiency by adeptly handling vital financial processes. This includes overseeing accounts payable and receivable, managing the time entry and billing system, and conducting bi-monthly payroll reviews. Her role in human resources is equally impressive, coordinating benefits enrollment, leading new employee orientation, providing recruitment support, and conducting exit interviews.

Outside the professional sphere, Jen's passion lies in outdoor activities. Her love for hunting, fishing, and nature speaks volumes about her appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Balancing her demanding career with her personal life as a mother of three, Jen exemplifies remarkable dedication and skill.

Her academic background underpins Jen's professional acumen. Holding an associate degree in business from Troy State University, she brings a well-rounded perspective and a keen attention to detail to her role at CRI TPA Services.

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