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Rose Ratgen

Plan Administrator

At CRI TPA Services, Rose Ratgen brings a high level of expertise to Employee Benefit Plans (EBPs). She is involved in ensuring plan compliance, overseeing necessary adjustments, handling comprehensive annual reporting, and managing the intricacies of retirement plan tax returns. In her role within the distribution team, Rose is particularly adept at navigating withdrawal compliance, skillfully guiding participants through their available options with clarity and precision.

Rose's clientele is diverse, encompassing church and government entities, healthcare providers, and professional services. Her standout trait is her personable approach to client interactions. Rose's philosophy is to treat every individual, whether a plan contact or participant, with the same familial warmth and attention, making each professional interaction personal and meaningful.

Away from work, Rose is passionate about travel and cherishing moments with her family and friends. She relishes any opportunity to host gatherings, uniting her circle in a hospitable and warm environment. This love for fostering connections and creating memorable experiences is a testament to her character, seamlessly blending her professional efficiency with her charm, making her a valued and beloved member of any community.

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