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What You Should Expect From Your TPA Vendor When it Comes to Cybersecurity

Updated: 2 days ago

As cybercrimes continue to increase, more employers are requiring their third-party administration vendors to have a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place. To avoid exploiting sensitive information, like social security numbers and financial account information, having both audits and formal written programs for cybersecurity procedures has become necessary.

Protecting What Matters Most

Due to the volume of personal information that TPAs carry from clients, they risk being a constant target for cyberattacks. With that in mind, it's essential to evaluate the cybersecurity policies of each TPA company you're considering and determine whether or not they will be able to keep your information safe. When you outsource your processes to a vendor, peace of mind comes from knowing your data is secure and sound.

Evaluating the internal cyber policies of a TPA vendor includes taking a closer look at the organization's infrastructure and what kind of procedures they have in place should a data breach occur. Choosing a vendor that has already implemented reliable security protocols that demonstrate solutions to mitigate potential risks is essential. Knowing that your data is being continuously monitored to enhance security and track emerging threats allows you to focus more on the day-to-day within your business.

Secure File Transfer

You must thoroughly understand their file transfer process before choosing the right TPA firm for your organization. With so much information being communicated back and forth between vendor and client, cybercriminals have ample opportunity to take advantage of insecure sharing. Building a relationship with a vendor in today's digital environment includes more than just personalized customer solutions—you must feel confident that your data is in the best hands.

Be sure that your chosen TPA vendor offers a secure file-sharing system equipped with a robust set of security protocols. Your third-party administrator should provide you with access to some sort of platform that allows you to send your personal information without a second thought for security. When your confidential documents are transmitted through a standard email operating system, you run the risk of having your information compromised. Secure file sharing allows clients and vendors to communicate on an encrypted channel without the threat of a data leak.

CRI TPA Services is Ready to Help

Whether you're in the market for a new TPA vendor or are reviewing your current TPA, the safety of your data should be at the forefront of your decision. Choosing the right third-party administrator gives you peace of mind, knowing that your data is not only protected but also that you have seen first-hand the procedures used to ensure that cyberattacks are avoided. To learn more about third-party administration services and how your data is kept secure, contact a CRI TPA Services advisor for more information.

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